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JUST BEFORE THE HOLY AND GREAT COUNCIL By Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios HIEROTHEOS

Updated: Mar 8

[Translated into English, original text (in Greek): Λίγο πρὶν τὴν Ἁγία καὶ Μεγάλη Σύνοδο]

We are approaching the time when the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Churches is to be held in Crete to discuss the six texts which have been prepared in Preconciliar conferences, and to give a message of unity among the Orthodox Churches.

Many texts have been written recently by experts and non-experts, by those who are competent and those who are not, on this great event. Unfortunately, as I have pointed out in another text, in some of them we see that theology is mixed with politics, or rather,