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Understanding and Dealing with the Heresy of COVIDism According to the Saints, Holy Elders & Clergy

Talk 82 by Father Kosmas (Archangel Michael Monastery, New South Wales, Australia)

Orthodox Ethos appreciates Fr. Kosmas' zeal for confession in these times of mass delusion and faithlessness. He is the first we noticed who coined the term "Covidism." In this important talk, he helps us understand the question we emphasize at Orthodox Ethos and we believe that all fiathful Orthodox Christians must be asking and being sure we answer correctly: "Who do you trust?" For a while now, saints have been dismissed as prone to conspiracy theory. This is a label that big media and society have effectively caused people to recoil from so they are not ostracized from polite society. A little bit of name-calling and they can shut down any questioning which they consider dangerous to the status quo which these evil and powerful men have established. This is not true only today, it has been an attempt for a very long time and we see the in the Lives of the Saints (and even in the Gospels!)

In this four part talk, Fr. Kosmas explains how we have to be careful to recognize the true conspiracies which try to deceive us into the machinations of the devil but also be brave to speak to the evil of the day despite the name calling. In the last part he excellently speaks to the problem of academics and rationalists in the Church and the damage they (those who are academically oriented but lack prayer and an abhorrence to worldly values) consistently bring to the faith of many laymen. They style themselves as experts but this again is another temptation of the faithful to "trust the experts" when they have proven themselves thoroughly untrustworthy. Future posts will be exposing examples of this. In the mean time, we strongly encourage our readers to become familiar with this talk since it well arms us for the temptations we face inside the borders of our Church today.

PART ONE: Conspiracy Theories in the World

PART TWO: Conspiracy Theories in the Church

PART THREE: Ignoring the Counsel of the Elders and Consulting the Academics

PART FOUR: How Rationalism has Caused Many Problems in the Orthodox Church

See original post at Fr. Kosmas site Click here.

PART ONE: Conspiracy Theories in the World

Conspiracy Theories in the World that Later Turned Out to be True

We have all probably seen, at one time or another, articles and videos which present us with information that may have seemed to be based on fantasy or paranoia, or simply on misinformation. Without any investigation, this information was probably dismissed as “just another conspiracy theory” by those crazy “conspiracy theorists”. However, each person has the responsibility to themselves and their family not to easily dismiss such “theories,” but to investigate whether there is any truth in what is being circulated. This can only be done when people have access to uncensored information. Considering the events taking place in the world in the last year or so, it is becoming apparent that some of these past and current so-called conspiracy theories are proving to be true. Although we do not agree with all of the content on the website Winter Watch, they have put together 20 “conspiracy theories” now widely accepted as fact. We encourage the faithful to investigate these theories for themselves.

What is Meant by the Terms “Conspiracy Theory” and “Conspiracy Theorist”?

At this point, I think it is important that everyone understands what is meant by “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists”. Many Orthodox Christians would benefit from a more detailed explanation. Conspiracy theory can mean one of two things. Firstly, it can refer to an event or situation that is believed to be part of a secret plan, usually by powerful people or groups. The secret plan is always illegal and often designed to do harm to people. Secondly, conspiracy theory can also refer to how those in power use this term to suggest that their secret plan does not exist and that those who believe it does exist – that is, conspiracy theorists – are crazy, deceived, misled, ignorant, of low intelligence, or have a personal agenda, etc


It should also be noted here that not all theories about secret, illegal or harmful plans are true, as many can be based on bad research, lack of evidence or unstable minds; and yet the point to consider for our particular purpose is that conspiracy theories might also be true; and this will be demonstrated below. Throughout this talk, people are asked to keep in mind that where “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” are used from hereon, it is generally done so to refer to the damaging labels placed on ideas and people by those in positions of power. These labels can be highly effective when used as a powerful weapon to silence anyone who is truly exposing corruption. Now that we have a better understanding of what is meant by conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorists, we can proceed with the rest of the talk.

Who is Using the Label “Conspiracy Theorist” and Why?

What we need to know is that those who do not want the truth to be exposed will do whatever they can to stop this. Therefore, should any doctor, scientist, health care worker, academic, government worker, journalist, investigator, politician, military staffer etc. try to tell others the truth, those in power must keep them silent, and the most effective way is to discredit them by dismissing and labelling them as conspiracy theorists. Western civilisation prides itself on free speech and encourages the free exchange of ideas and a free press; however, when it comes to the corrupt being exposed, then suddenly those who are exercising these freedoms are labelled as “deceived,” “enemies of democracy,” “conspiracy theorists,” “the lunatic fringe” - to name only a few – as the list of insulting labels grows daily.

Opposition to the COVID-19 Mainstream Narrative: The Latest “Conspiracy Theory”

A growing number of people today do not believe the mainstream narrative regarding COVID-19. As such, an enormous amount of information is circulating, claiming that the COVID-19 crisis was planned for evil purposes, including population control through sterilization and death, globalization, New World Order, etc. This has resulted in people not only being censored and labelled as conspiracy theorists – or to use the latest label, “spreaders of fake news” - but also in an all-out persecution against anyone who dares to speak out against governments who are attempting to mandate vaccines and strip their citizens of their human rights and freedoms. For example, some doctors, scientists, government workers, etc., who were held in high esteem before COVID-19, have now lost their jobs and their credibility, and have even been banned from television interviews, de-platformed from social media, and prohibited from publishing their valuable articles in medical journals, all because they dared to expose what is turning out to be, as many are now saying, the worst evil ever perpetrated on the world.

As such, certain videos and articles have been added to our website that we would never have uploaded previously, out of fear of being labelled spreaders of conspiracy theories. However, the current situation in the world has forced us to openly denounce this evil, for the sake of our fellow Orthodox Christians. In the past, we all might have mocked or disbelieved those who spoke of world domination, population control, mandatory vaccines, the restriction of movement, digital IDs, total government surveillance, microchips, censorship etc., and yet when we now consider the nightmare that is unfolding before our eyes, we may not be so quick to judge those who have warned us.

How Can a “Conspiracy Theory” make People Sick and Die?

In the past, when something was labelled a conspiracy theory, the truth was not always clear, and for this reason, it sometimes took many years before a conspiracy theory was accepted as fact. This is not the case with the current “conspiracy theory” that COVID-19 vaccines are causing people to become sick and even die in great numbers. Unlike other conspiracy theories, this particular one has caused many renowned and eminent doctors and health professionals to speak out and confirm the dangerous truth regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. This can be verified by looking at Section Two of our Videos & Articles webpage.

The fact that governments, the mainstream media, the medical establishment, the World Health Organisation, CDC, GAVI, NIH, FDA, etc. persist in calling this a conspiracy theory, despite it obviously being a fact, only demonstrates that these people have a demonic plan that they are determined to carry out, having allowed themselves to become instruments of the evil spirits. But, these deluded people do not understand that God has permitted them, for a time, to do what they are doing because of our sins and He can destroy their plans with one nod. And God will do so when the people of the world offer Him their repentance. But what will move God the most, will be the repentance of Orthodox Christians who have been given the truth and have rejected it. (This will be covered later.)

PART TWO: Conspiracy Theories in the Church

Our Orthodox Saints and Holy Elders were also Called all Kinds of Names

If calling people of the world (who are trying to expose the truth) conspiracy theorists is not bad enough, what is worse is that our own Orthodox saints and holy elders have been, and still are, disdained, persecuted and called all kinds of names - including conspiracy theorists, backward, ignorant, deceived, crazy, fanatical or the lunatic fringe - when they have spoken up against heresies, immoralities, corrupt governments and, in general, all evil. We read about this throughout the lives of saints, and what is terrible, is when this is committed by Orthodox bishops, priests, and monastics.

Who Labelled Saint Paisios the Athonite a Conspiracy Theorist?

St. Paisios the Athonite was one of many such Orthodox who voiced numerous concerns about matters like this and several examples of his warnings can be found in various books. It is interesting to note that, even during the saint’s lifetime, there were those - including some fellow Athonites, bishops, priests and monastics in Greece - who believed that the saint was too focused on conspiracy theories and should not have been spreading them far and wide. Some of these people even believed that the elder, though spiritual, lacked the proper theological qualifications to express anything publicly at all. In other words, the saint’s foreknowledge of coming dangers was somewhat mocked and dismissed as the misguided beliefs of a simple monk, or even of a conspiracy theorist. Yet, we have arrived at a time that much of what the saint was saying is happening before us.

A Prophesy by Saint Paisios Regarding Vaccines

During his lifetime, the saint warned of the following: “They will find a disease for which they will make a vaccine, which will be mandatory, and which will be the beginning of the sealing.” Saint Paisios of Mt. Athos (†1994)

Spiritual Counsels II: Spiritual Awakening (pages 204-205) Publisher: Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian, Souroti, Thessaloniki, (December 2008)

These spiritual counsels were produced using live recordings of the saint and these recordings, we are told, still exist. While some do not believe in their existence - and that much of what is written in the volumes of Spiritual Counsels are not the saint’s exact words - what is known for certain is that the Greek version of the above book was published in 1999, 20 years before we had ever heard of COVID-19 and mandatory vaccinations. Also, if these recordings do exist (which we believe they do), and Saint Paisios reposed in 1994, this means that the prophesy happened no less than 28 years ago, depending on when the saint actually said it.

Saint Paisios was Not the Only Saint or Elder Who Spoke About These Matters

There are many other things which Saint Paisios said about what is happening in the world today, and with God’s help, we will try to add these to our website. It is important to note that Saint Paisios was not alone in these kinds of teachings. Other saints and holy elders in Greece and in other countries, including those who are still alive, either taught or still teach the faithful similar things, even though they have been called fanatics, conspiracy theorists or deceived. For more information about some of the teachings of these saints and holy elders, please see Sections One and Four of the Videos & Articles page.

A Holy Athonite Elder Foresaw the Wearing of Masks in Church

One elder who spoke prophetically about what is happening in the world today was Elder Basil of Kafsokalivia, Mount Athos, who said in 2009: “They will legally introduce carnivals [mask-wearing]* in the Church with a law. Whoever does not participate in these carnivals will be persecuted! You will witness many shameful and foolish things! You will travel miles to find a good priest and spiritual father.” Elder Basil of Kafsokalivia, Mount Athos (†2015)

* By carnivals, the Elder is referring to sinful celebrations in Greece before Great Lent, known as carnivals, where people disguise themselves by wearing costumes and masks so that they can freely sin without anyone knowing who they are. Read more on masks and Elder Basil of Kafsokalivia, Mount Athos here.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona Foresaw Clowns Serving Liturgy in Church

Protopresbyter Stephanos Anagnostopoulos is a well-respected and traditional married priest of the Orthodox Church of Greece. He is 91 years old and father of seven. He was a very close spiritual child of Elder Ephraim of Arizona for many decades. He first met him in 1961. Many consider Father Stephanos to be a holy priest. He is the author of numerous books. Some of which are “My Elder Ephraim”, “My holy elder Joseph the Hesyschast”, “Where are we going?”, “I am at fault, are you?”, “Do you know who you are?”, “Experiences During the Divine Liturgy”, “The Symbol of Faith as knowledge and life”, “The “Prayer” in the world”, “Knowledge and Life of the Orthodox Faith”. For more titles click here.

The following is an excerpt from a sermon that Father Stephanos gave in January 2021.

“A third correction concerning the prophecy of Elder Ephraim, and which is now final. I got in touch yesterday by phone with Athonite abbots who are close to us and two other monks who affirmed that they have heard from the mouth of the elder, in the decade of 2000-2010, in Arizona, the same prophecy, but with a different take. In other words, he said that there will come a time when the priests will be serving as clowns, and as clowns they will be serving the Divine Liturgy and let me not mention here one by one the other sacraments that he referred to. This is what he said, and he also added that blessed are those simple priests who uphold the Orthodox Church today with their simple holy life and will not succumb to the pressures. They will be counted by God as confessors and martyrs.” Protopresbyter Stephanos Anagnostopoulos

Elder Savvas Achilleos of Athens Spoke of a Manufactured Virus

Another elder, Father Savvas Achilleos, spoke about a future flu and vaccine. In his lifetime, several bishops, clergy and monastics in the Church of Greece believed that Elder Savvas was deceived, a deceiver, mentally ill, and a conspiracy theorist. He was even persecuted by his own bishop! The following was taken from a sermon given by the holy elder on 11 October 2007.

“They are warning us that the flu is coming. How do they know this? How do they know? Tell me, how? It is because they themselves will manufacture it and release it. Possibly, this will not be a common epidemic form of the flu, but a flu that will come when they themselves will bring it upon the world. A manufactured disease right from the United States of America. What causes this new disease which looks like the common flu? It is caused by a pathogenic mycoplasma. These are the medical terms. It will be transmitted through an anti-flu vaccine. This is the point where we must be very careful. The world will feel the need to receive the anti-flu shot, yet this vaccine will contain a cruel illness in and of itself and will not contain anything that will prevent people from contracting the virus. It is highly recommended to not proceed to any vaccination.”

Elder Savvas Achilleos (†2016)

Read more on Elder Savvas Achilleos here.

Elder Justin Parvu of Romania Warns Against Vaccines

Another elder, a Romanian priest-monk, Father Justin Parvu, also spoke about vaccines. It would seem that he was speaking about the vaccines during his time, but when you read the whole text, it becomes apparent that he must have been speaking about vaccines in the future as well; for what he revealed was said at a time when vaccines were somewhat safer and not mandatory, unlike the COVID-19 vaccines which are proving to be more dangerous and deadly. Regardless, one thing can be certain; this God-bearing elder was against vaccinations, especially the vaccination of children.

Fathers will give up their sons, mothers, their daughters, unto death. Behold, we witness the fulfillment of this prophecy. If the mother will let the child be vaccinated, it's as if giving him over to die….. So, do not receive this vaccine or anything that the new political powers bring you today.”

Elder Justin Parvu (†2013)

When considering whether to listen to this holy elder or to the hierarchs and priests who are pushing for vaccinations - many of whom are ecumenists, modernists and anti-traditionalists - the faithful should keep in mind that Elder Justin's body, after his death, began to give off myrrh. As much as it is impossible to squeeze water from a rock, it is also impossible for the bodies of ecumenists, modernists and anti-traditionalists to give off myrrh at their deaths. To date, the bodies of these enemies of the Orthodox Church have never shown any signs of holiness, nor have they performed one miracle - and they never will. Amen.

Read more on Elder Justin Parvu here.

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