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The Satanic Things Happening Only in Greece

A Telephone Conversation with Metropolitan Makarios of Nairobib, Kenya

Host: Good morning, Your Eminence.

Metropolitan Makarios: I’ll start from the beginning. I’m at the center of Kenya, in the suburbs of a newer city called Nakurou. I’m here to visit some other churches and speak to the congregations.

Host: I know you have a very limited time but I assume you are following what is happening in Greece?

Metropolitan Makarios: Yes, I following everything that is going on with great pain. It is totally untenable of what is happening especially in Greece (not in other European countries). It is a dictatorship and is unacceptable. That's what I characterize it. It’s a satanic dictatorship and it is untenable. Every person has with his free will, every person has their mind that God gave him. They have the knowledge to act accordingly. These things are preconstructed satanically. Do you understand that this pandemic has no comparison to previous pandemics? It’s man-made and that is why we must be very cautious.

Host: The decisions/restrictions are gloomy. How do you respond to these?

Metropolitan Makarios: In the last 45 years of traveling in Africa, the last 2 years I do the Liturgy every day and so many people come to get Communion and blessings and these people have not been afraid. We receive from the same cup the body and blood of Christ and it has not even passed their mind that they can become sick from it. Out of the entire EU, the strictest measures are happening only in Greece, and this is against the Church because this is where the people come to find their salvation.

Host: Some Metropolitans in Greece say that the Priests who do not take the vaccine do not have God inside them.

Metropolitan Makarios: That is satanic. How can you say these crazy things? it’s unacceptable, unacceptable to be talking like this in the 21st century. We stand firm only in the grace of God. I’ve learned these through my 45 years I’ve been serving in Africa. We live under God’s shelter and blessing through the Holy Mysteries. There is no other solution.

Host: You’re in Kenya’s main city, but many Orthodox Christians all over the world are listening in. What message do you want to tell them and looking for a way to react to this paranoia? How can they cultivate a stronger connection with God?

Metropolitan Makarios: Given our long history with Christ by Apostolic succession, no other solution is the therapy of faith and hope. These dictatorships are satanic. We need to resist what they are trying to force on us for their own agendas/purposes/reasons.

Host: What is God’s role in this, why would He allow all of these things to happen?

Metropolitan Makarios: Yes, perhaps God is testing our faith and the only way to save the whole world is through the Orthodox Church, and no other faith can give as much hope as us because we are the only true apostolic Church. I have been in Africa for 45 years and have seen a lot of pandemic outbreaks and the only solution is Holy Communion.

Host: Many people believe that based on the number of natural disasters, can these be due to something we are doing wrong? Are they messages from God?

Metropolitan Makarios: It may be a message that our globalization is not the right way because we cut God off from it. Our only salvation is God. Everything else is manufactured. What is happening in the world today is satanic preparations against the Orthodox Church.

Host: What would you like to convey to the Archbishop of Greece?

Metropolitan Makarios: Only a message of love and hope.

Host: What about Archbishop Ieronymos - do you think he is doing the right thing?

Metropolitan Makarios: I hear a lot of things that go against what he says and does, but I remain in the same message of hope and love since people look at us and we can give them hope through the Church. Our only hope is in God and everything else is not from God but from Satan, and that is why we have to be attached to God.

Host: The feeling of the vast majority of the people is that Ironymos is not on the right path doing the right things. There are many complaints.

Metropolitan Makarios: I am expressing to you what I experience here in Africa where I live. I do not change anything in my life. I do not wear a mask, and if I do, it is only when it is required such as in a governmental building.

Host: Thank you for this interview, have a nice day.

Metropolitan Makarios: Thank you. Have a nice day too.

We thank the translators and editors who collaborated to provide this translation for the edification of the English-speaking world.

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