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The Journey Through Pandemia Where are we now? How close are we to getting out?

Repost from our friends at Orthodox Reflections, January 10, 2022. Original video here.

In their video description they write: "... All resources mentioned in the Webinar are available here:"

Archpriest Alexander Webster, Archpriest Seraphim Holland, Dr. Paisios Robles, James Jatras, and Dragos Boscoianu, JD make up a panel, representing medicine, pastoral care, and the law, which helps listeners understand the questions we face today and how to speak about them with our friends and family members who do not quite understand this new world that has formed around us.

In the symposium, Fr. Alexander mentions a book project he is heading up to be published by our publishing arm: Uncut Mountain Press. The book is entitled "Let No One Fear Death" and will serve as a handbook to document the reality of these years of fear which even-minded and faithful Orthodox Christians struggle to not succumb. To be published soon.

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