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The Historical Vindication of "Concerning Frequent Communion"

Miraculous Icon of St. Makarios of Corinth

An Epistle of Patriarch Neophytos VII

Most-sacred former Metropolitan of Corinth Makarios, beloved in the Spirit and concelebrant with our Mediocrity, grace be with your arch-priesthood and peace from God. Concerning the written work of your arch-priesthood, the book concerning frequent sacred Communion, which you published in print, we make known to you that it was examined synodically, carefully inspected, and approved and confirmed as ecclesiastically lawful and as containing no impediment as to its use. However, those who worthily desire to frequently partake of the immaculate and dread Mysteries must do so through repentance and true confession. And when they frequently commune with this lawful and God-pleasing preparation, frequent communion is very lawful and beneficial to the soul and salvific. Therefore, your book was synodically declared beneficial and salvific, since it demonstrates this lawful manner of receiving Communion, and those wishing to buy it may read it unhindered, and they may receive Communion with the fear of God, lawfully and canonically, with the guidance and satisfaction [of the assigned spiritual rule] of each person’s Spiritual Father. These are worthy to receive frequently. However, because a suspicion has grown that an ecclesiastical excommunication has been pronounced condemning your written work, and therefore, in order to respect the “excommunication,” pious Christians do not read it, we write in this present letter and declare through the All-holy and Officiating Spirit the dissolution of these ecclesiastical bonds and penalties: “All those Christians desiring to read your synodically examined written work, that is, your book concerning frequent Communion, are forgiven and blessed by God the Lord Almighty, being no longer constrained by the ecclesiastical penalties and having no curses; they even have the prayers and blessings of all the Saints and holy people and God-bearing Fathers of the Church through all the centuries. Therefore, Your Sacredness, dismiss every mistrust and suspicion about your work, since you will receive reward from God for your written work, being as it is beneficial to the soul, and may His grace be with you.


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