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The Criteria for Reception

The criteria of the Holy Fathers for who should be received by akriveia and who should be received by economy are such that 99% of converts today should be received by akriveia. The nonsense talked about in this article (below) is so far removed from anything that the Holy Fathers could even imagine, rather than signal a possible, future, and general reversion to akriveia we should reconsider our present stance immediately. Even if one does not understand or agree as to the presuppositions for Oikonomia, it should be obvious that, in this contemporary situation, of total dissolution of even the pretense of "Christian" life in the West, that the Church should receive all converts by akriveia, both to protect the flock from the delusion of the "common baptism" theory and "new ecumenist ecclesiology" and to assist all good-willed seekers to come to their senses as to the reality of the heterodox today.

Gregory Hallam:

The bishops shortly to meet in Crete for the pan-Orthodox Council should take note of this. If the Church of Scotland goes ahead with this nonsense it won't be long before others do the same and we shall then be baptising mostly everyone who comes to Orthodoxy from a Protestant background.

Church of Scotland 'to introduce online baptism' in bid to boost membership

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