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The Church is a Hospital, a Life-giving Spring

In this episode of The Orthodox Ethos Podcast:

  1. The Church is a Hospital, in which sicknesses are healed

  2. The Story of the Life-Giving Church throughout the Ages

  3. Answers to Your Questions


00:00:37 - Introduction: The Church is a Hospital

00:03:09- Are prayers powerless, the Church unable to save?

00:05:38 - The Life-Giving Spring - A Fountain of Healing since 455 AD

00:13:47 - The Synaxarion: Healing of Soul and Body Daily

00:15:36 - Q&A 1: Different Stances = Different Results

00:17:33 - Scandalizers and the Scandalized

00:19:03 - The Church is in Her Saints, to which we all submit

00:21:06 - Q&A 2: Temptation to Lose Faith in the Church, in Christ

00:27:21 - A Wake-up Call to the Bishops and Clergy: Do Not Scandalize the Little Ones

00:29:01 - The Temptation Coming Upon the World

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