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St Hilarion Troitsky: Christianity or the Church?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

St. Hilarion Troitsky, New Martyr of Russia and righteous Confessor of the Church, brilliantly sets for the Scriptural and Patristic understanding of what Christ came to establish: not an invisible, personal “Christianity” but the Church which He promised He would build (cf. Matt 16:18). The question posed in the title of the work must be asked and answered by everyone who calls themselves a Christian. St. Hilarion is our guide if we are unsure how to answer.


Saint Hilarion Troitsky

The teaching of Christ is a teaching not only about the re-creation of a separate moral person, but also about the re-creation of a perfect society, i.e., about the Church. God's Spirit, living in the Church, gives strength for the realization of Christian teaching in life. Since this teaching is a teaching about love, then its realization again creates a community because love is a foundation which binds and does not divide.
Outside the Church and without the Church, Christian life is impossible. Without the Church, the Christian teaching alone remains as an empty sound, for Christian life is Church life. Only in the life of the Church can a person live and develop. In a bodily organism, separate members never grow or develop independently of one another, but always and only in connection with the whole organism. The same applies to the Church. For the growth of the Church is at the same time the growth of its members.
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Dec 30, 2022

Simply brilliant. And how sad the west cannot understand this. May God help us to present this truth to this dying world so in need of it.


Unknown member
Dec 28, 2022

How many today understand how important this is? And how ridiculous it feels that we must state it!

But we must.

Standing firmly and vigilantly as witnesses to His Living Love.

Naturally following with the greatest joy the laws it gave and eternally gives birth to. Which order all of creation.

This is His Church. These are His glorious Saints alive in it!

Christ is born!

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