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Should we send our kids to school if they are requiring them to wear masks?

Question: They want our kids, from 6 years up, to wear masks in school. What should we do?

Answer: Listen, my brother Aristeides, you who ask this good question: “Our children and our eyes!” [A Greek saying meaning ‘all your attention and care on your kids!’] “Your kids and your eyes!” Both the eyes and the mouth wish for a face that will see God - without a mask. The ancient Greeks - do you know where they would put on masks? In the tragedies (theatre). And the comedies. If our children grow accustomed to masks from now, in twenty years we’ll have a society of demons. Did you hear that? Not of humans: of demons! My opinion is this: find a way so that your children may never wear a mask. This is my opinion. I’m speaking to you responsibly. It is better that they remain without the so-called education of Europe for a few months, or a few years. And what an education! What a joke! You should do school at home. Did you hear? School at home! Do churches at home. Do pharmacies at home. You will see that soon they will be telling you that they have run out of medicine. They want to push society over into chaos, into terror. They want us to be scared, chaosed — See what a beautiful word the old Cypriots have, “chaosed”. It’s when you don’t know what is happening with you: “Deep calleth unto deep” (Psalm 41:7). — So that we’ll say to them, “The vaccine! Please give us a vaccine!” So, they are after our will, they are after our freedom: in brief, they are after our soul. It’s not simply the European ‘rights’ that they want to steal from us. Do not be deceived. They are after our immortal soul!

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