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Saint Paisios the Athonite on the Pan-Orthodox Council and Discernment

The Elder Warned that Holy Tradition would be Rejected and Replaced by Innovation

"At that time the Pre-Conciliar Conferences began in order to prepare a new Pan-Orthodox Synod, and among the issues discussed there were many proposals contrary to Orthodox tradition. When the Elder learned of them he was very worried and spoke with a pain of soul: "Do you understand what will happen?," he would ask. "Tradition will leave and all that will remain is the offense (evil-doing). [Θὰ φύγη ἡ παράδοση καὶ θὰ μείνει ἡ παράβαση!] Do you understand how serious this is? It's as if we take one brick out of wall of a house. At that moment it seems as if nothing changes, but over time water will seep in, another brick will fall, then another, and finally the house is in ruins."

Father Paisios was a true zealot (in the right way) for the tradition of the Fathers. In matters of Faith he did not compromise or retreat. In his life he applied precision (akriveia) not only outside but even more so internally, out of divine zeal. When he expressed himself about a topic, including an ecclesiastical issue, he spoke with discernment, weighing his words with scales of precision. And when he was in front of a weak man, he likewise discerningly provided, like a good doctor, the right medication. He had been drenched with the fear of God and therefore he was able to enter into the depth of God's law. He was all love and "bowels of mercy," and therefore he not only knew the canons of the Church, but he know from experience that the Church is our Mother, and the canons are an expression of the love of the Mother."

- Except from the book Ὁ Ἅγιος Παΐσιος ὁ Ἁγιορείτης [Saint Paisios the Hagiorite], ἔκδοση Ἱερὸν Ἡσυχαστήριον «Εὐαγγελιστὴς Ἰωάννης ὁ Θεολόγος» Σουρωτὴ Θεσσαλονίκης 2015 [published by the Holy Hesychastirion of Saint John the Evangelist and Theologian, Souroti, Thessaloniki 2015]

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