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Re-Activating Orthodox Ethos A Note to Readers, from the Editor

Dearest to Christ,

Greetings in Christ Jesus from Florence, Arizona!

After a near year-long hiatus from publishing on Orthodox Ethos, I am pleased to announce that we are “making a new beginning”! Firstly, I ask your forgiveness for our absence. Secondly, I thank you for your patience. Thirdly, I ask your prayers that we may be consistently “present” and active for you going forward, providing you with ‘spiritual meat’ and sustence for your souls. Please consider, if you have not already, signing up to our mailing list (on the right or below), to receive email updates. Likewise, please consider sharing our work with others, that they may also have an opportunity to read and listen to the Orthodox Word of Life which we strive to present. May you have a blessed Lenten struggle and be crowned with a Good Resurrection, this Pascha and on the Eighth and Eternal Day!

Asking your prayers, I am

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Peter Heers

Editor of Orthodox Ethos

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