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Pascha 2021 - Open as always for Everyone (On the change of time of Paschal Services)

Translation of Homily into English by Christiana Fidirikkos

“May our works are blessed even though the authorities in this world make it difficult with these measures they enforced on our nation & more so The Resurrection of our Christ as they don’t want our nation to be strengthened by The Resurrection of Christ.

Why? One who lives The Resurrection may also Protest! The people of the New World Order are scared of this. As it seems these people want the Orthodox to celebrate Pascha not on the 3rd Day, the Day it should be, on the Sunday. This is why it’s called Holy Saturday in the Holy Gospel.

Sunday, is the Day of The Resurrection of Christ, it should be celebrated on this day. Like you heard today and every other times, in the Holy Gospel the Apolytikion of Lazarus and his Resurrection. This is our Certificate!

Just like Christ Resurrected Lazarus, He will also Resurrect us and nobody will remain in their graves. Our soul is Eternal Life, this is our perspective, just as long as we want it, God wants it.

There are evil people, people from other religions and faiths, masons, Satanists, fanatic zionists, only certain Jews, not all, want to bring confusion to the celebrations mainly of the Orthodox.

Why the Orthodox? Because the Orthodox is the one and only true Church, the God/ Human Body of Christ. Especially this year, the Jewish “Fasca” this is what they call Pascha, on the 1st May. Our Pascha whom 318 Holy Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Synod appointed to be celebrated after the “Fasca” of the Jews.