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Orthodox Ecclesiology - Lesson 5: The 8th Oecumenical Council & the Great Schism

The Church in the post-Iconoclast age and pre-schism period, in the Eighth Oecumenical Council under St. Photios the Great and at the end of the first millennium and the eve of the Great Schism and beyond.

The fifth lesson of our 10-week course, "Orthodox Ecclesiology: The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and the Pan-Heresy of Syncretistic Ecumenism" will also look at the 1st-2nd Council and the important canons therein dealing with the proper response to heresy and the events leading up the Schism and the proper understanding of the reasons for the Schism.

This lecture will take place on Tuesday, March 16th @ 9 PM EST. [NOTE: The time and date have been changed BACK to Tuesday, contrary to previous announcements that it will be held on Wednesday.]

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5:20 Introduction and Announcements

7:42 Prayer and Troparion

9:18 St. Photios the Great: Biography * Timeline

25:25 The First-Second Council of 861

40:02 Pope Nicholas’ 863 Council: Pretensions of Authority

44:30 The Schismatic Stance of Pope Nicholas - The Roots of the Great Schism

51:54 The Council of 867 and the Anathematizing of Pope Nicholas

57:40 The ‘Ignatian’ Council (869) to Condemn Photios

59:23 The Eighth Oecumenical Council (879)

1:01:40 Recognized by Rome for 200 Years!

1:05:40 How did it happen that Franco-Latins came to ignore conciliar history?

1:08:20 The Pope Condemns...the Papal Protestants

1:12:44 The Basis for Unity was Accepted at the Eighth Oecumenical Council

1:14:24 The Horos (Decision/Boundaries) of the Eighth Oecumenical Council

1:19:00 The Bishops of the Council Unanimously Agreed and Proclaimed (including the Papal Legates)

1:12:14 Conclusion: The Schism in 1054 - The Fruit of 200 Years of Apostasy

1:31:20 Final Words and Q & A

1:33:22 Question 1: Does the Filioque really matter? How does it impact ecclesiology?

1:37:13 Question 2: Is the Phanar trying to unite with the Pope by 2025?

1:38:38 Question 3: What should you do if your priest is a former RC and was received by chrismation?

1:42:40 Question 4: What about a defrocked priest by Patriarch A who is received by Patriarch B and allowed to serve? What do we say about the baptisms he performs?

1:44:05 Question 5: What is the proper way to refer to Christ? By ‘Jesus’ or by ‘Christ’?

1:44:55 Question 6: We have left our parish due to innovations. What will the Sunday of Orthodox look like? Should we call the priest and inquire about what they will do?

1:47:15 Question 7: What are the spiritual ramifications of the Filioque?

1:49:42 Question 8: What is the proper term to use to refer to the Roman Orthodox Christians?

1:51:46 Question 9: Why is the white clerical collar used? Is it Orthodox?

1:52:58 Question 10: How do Latins reconcile the 200 years of accepting the 8th Oecumenical Council with Papal Infallibility?

1:53:46 Question 11: Why does it say that Pope Marinus anathematized St. Photios? Does this mean also a rejection of the 8th Council?

- - -

A Word on the Course Aims:

It is hard to underestimate the importance of acquiring the Orthodox outlook on the Church in this day and age of syncretistic ecumenism and the rise of the spirit of Antichrist! To truly entrust oneself to Christ and come to the experiential knowledge of Christ is to experience Him as the Body of Christ and to enter into the Mystery of the Incarnation, of which the Church is the continuation.

In this 10-week course, we will survey the great monuments of our Faith IN the Church, i.e. Christ, including the key writings of the Saints, Holy Fathers and Oecumencial Councils.

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