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Orthodox Ecclesiology - Lesson 4: Ss. Maximos & the Damascene, the 6th & 7th Oecumenical Councils

We will begin the lesson by briefly looking at some aspects of St. Augustine’s stance vis-a-vis the Donatists and also St. Hypatios’ reaction to Nestorius, but we will move on to cover aspects of the readings for week 4: The Church in St. Maximus the Confessor’s theology, the condemnation of Pope Honorius, the Church in St. John of Damascus and the 1st and 95th canons of Trullo, as well as St. Tarasius’ application of economy at the 7th Oecumenical Council.

5:24 - Introduction and Announcements

10:44 - Opening Prayers

12:23 - Lecture commences (Slides 1-2)

12:30 - Slides 3-7: Can the Orthodox Today consider - or reconsider - their ecclesiology on an Augustinian basis?

31:48 - Slides 8-14: How Did the Holy Fathers deal with heretics BEFORE a Synodical Condemnation?

45:51: Slides 15-24: St. Maximos the Confessor: On the Unity of the Church

1:21:23 : Slides 25-30: St. John of Damascus on Holy Tradition and the Church

1:34:06 : Slides 31-33: Canon 95 of the Council of Trullo

1:42:47 : Slides 34-25: St. Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople (& the 7th Council)

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