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Orthodox Ecclesiology - Lesson 3: St. Basil the Great, St. Augustine, and the Response to Nestorius

In this third lesson of ten in our course on Orthodox Ecclesiology we will focus on the important canons of St. Basil the Great with regard to ecclesiastical exactitude and economy, with St. Augustine's treatise Against the Donatists On Baptism, and how the Church Fathers countered the heresy of Nestorius, and more.

5:39 General Introduction

9:12 Prayers and Troparion

10:50 Introduction to Lesson

11:40 Was St. Cyprian’s Ecclesiology that of the Early Church and was it Adopted by the Church Fathers after him, such as St. Basil?

14:26 - 1. Step One: Review - The 3rd Century Patristic Concensus as to the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Mysteries of the Church Alone

18:07 2. What do modern Orthodox scholars have to say about St. Cyprian and Orthodox Ecclesiology?

18:50 Fr. George Florovsky

20:46 Met. Kallistos Ware (his study of Eustratios Argenti)

22:12 Met. Hilarion of Volokolamsk (Alfeyev)

25:55 Archimandrite Placid (Deseille)

30:41 Photos from the Baptism of Fr. Placid and his brotherhood

33:00 St. Cyril of Jerusalem on Heretical Baptism (and St. Basil’s canon and oikonomia)

37:50 St. Athanasius the Great on Heretical Baptism

42:10 St. Gregory the Theologian on Heretical Baptism (1)

45:15 St. Gregory the Theologian on Heretical Baptism (2)

46:43 St. Gregory the Theologian on Heretical Baptism (3)

47:57 St. Gregory the Theologian on Heretical Baptism (4)

50:32 St. Gregory the Theologian: Conclusion

51:09 St. Basil the Great: Following the Holy Fathers, Canon 1

57:08 St. Basil: Continuing in St. Cyprian’s Footsteps, Canon 1, 47

1:04:35 The Interpretative Key of Akriveia - Oikonomia (taken for granted)

1:08:07 A Pastoral Matter for which Ecclesiology is a “Given”

1:12:14 Akriveia - Oikonomia — Exactitude and Economy (1)

1:16:25 Akriveia - Oikonomia — Exactitude and Economy (2)

1:20:20 Akriveia - Oikonomia — Exactitude and Economy (3)

1:26:02 St. Basil’s Three Classifications: Heresy, Schism and Unlawful Congregations / When Schism is not a . . . Schism

1:32:40 St. Hilarion Troitsky on St. Basil’s understanding of Schism [taken from On the Unity of the Church]

1:35:19 St. Hilarion’s analysis (cont’d)

1:40:41 St. Basil the Great: Canon 47 [slide to examine on one’s own]

1:41:20 What is it that modern scholars can’t or won’t understand St. Basil and oikonomia? (1)

1:44:50 (cont’d): Keys to Understanding (what many scholars are missing) (2)

1:46:04 Blessed Augustine of Hippo: “Creating a new theology of the Church”; in another sheer, another way of thinking about the Church.

1:49:25 Blessed Augustine of Hippo (2): No Fruitfulness outside of the Church; distinction between validity and efficacy, the sacrament and its reality (res sacramenti)

1:52:10 Blessed Augustine of Hippo (3): No Grace of the Holy Spirit Outside the Church [card appears at 1:54:12]

1:56:00 Q & A - #1: St. Paul baptizing disciples baptized by Holy John the Forerunner

1:56:36 - #2: Why wasn’t our ecclesiology and sacramental theology handed down in Rome?

1:58:50 - #3: I was received by chrismation and later baptized. Your thoughts on this? [Oikonomia to restore akriveia]

2:01:40 - #4: Why did Peter Mogila give a different view from that of the Orthodox.

2:02:00 - #5: What circumstances would stop a bishop from baptizing a healthy convert from the heterodox? What would be a legitimate application of economy?

2:05:20 - #6: Can you upload your videos to Spotify (make an audio file)? [Yes: we need help/workers]

2:06:12 - #7: Does a laicized priest remain a priest?

2:07:40 - #8: What is the priest telling me I must be chrismated (I am coming from Catholicism)?

2:09:29 - #9: Can only a priest baptize? What about emergency situations?

2:11:00 - #10: Schism should be avoided at all costs. That said, if Patriarch Cyril excommunicates Patriarch Bartholomew in the Fall, what should we do?

2:13:14 - #11: In a recent baptism, the priest did not immerse properly and my friend is concerned. What would you say?

2:16:45 - #12: When I was received the priest refused my request for baptism and accepted by my Methodist “baptism.” I have sought a corrective baptism, and I have fallen into despair. What should I do?

2:18:38 - #13: I have been interested in St. Nikolai Velimirovich’s writings. He apparently attended ecumenical dialogue. I was wondering about your thoughts on this?

2:21:10 - #14: Baptism is so connected to the life of faith how should we understand the baptism of infants whose parents are not pious or connected to the church, and who may not even believe in God and never bring the child back to church? Should the Bishops refuse to baptize in this case?

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