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Misrepresenting the Pan-Orthodox Council

The presenter in the video above from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese contends that the entire church will be represented. This is not true. The Council will "be for all of us" when we are represented at the council. In fact, less than half of the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church have been invited to the Council, and even fewer than half of Orthodox Christians will be represented by their hierarchs. Moreover, the views of many theologians and hierarchs will not be expressed or heard at the Council.

It is of amazing irony that no less than Metropolitan John of Pergamon, the head of the committee which prepared the council, wrote just two years ago that if a hierarch is not invited to the Council he has every right to reject its decisions. So, they are preparing the church for schism.

On another point: the presenter said that the Spirit of Pentecost will be there, present in Crete. Is this automatic? Are there no presuppositions for this? Of course there are. The most important is that we are successors of the apostles both in faith and practice. Another presupposition is that there is unity among the hierarchy and of course unity presupposes their presence at the council, for how will unity be shown if not in council?

That is why it is not at all surprising that many hierarchs in the Church of Greece have refused to attend the Council due to the lack of Orthodox principles and presuppositions necessary to make it truly a Great and Holy and most of all Orthodox Council.

No amount of glossy press releases and public relation videos will change these basic problems with the Council, the ignorance of many Orthodox notwithstanding.

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