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Geronda Philotheus of Karakallou Monastery (Mt. Athos) Speaks Out Against COVID and Vaxx.

(The following more accurate and updated translation has been provided by Fr. Zachariah Lynch):

Geronda Philotheus of Karakallou Monastery (Mt. Athos) Speaks Out Against C0v!d and V@x "I see that behind the back of all these events stands the devil, acting as their participant and secret mastermind."

"The Igumen of Karakallou monastery on Mt. Athos, Archimandrite Philotheus, shared some of his thoughts about the corona-virus: “We have a very clear inner sense, that this pandemic has come about not by random chance but has been intentionally created. And then the vaccine appeared, as if for the purpose of shortening and defeating the pandemic. But we have a very clear inner sense that all of this is artificial; it is controlled and directed by some people, in reality, so that they may implement, not what is said publicly, but rather what they desire. That is, they are striving to achieve some goal that is very important to them. We witness with what methods and means they use to impose the mandatory reception of this vaccine. They have a greater long-term goal, these dark powers. We see this because the Revelation of St. John the Theologian and other Apostolic Men, who have spoken about the last times and the antichrist, have prepared us for this. We witness that everything that is transpiring has exactly this goal - this most important goal for them. Certainly, we do not know the exact time when all this will take place, but they desire that their primary goal will be easily realized when the time comes– the application of the mark, the coming mark of the Antichrist. They are preparing everything for this even now. This explains the obviously dictatorial means they are using to impose the vaccine, and the mass manipulation of consciousness that is being exploited by the mass media and the internet. It is well known that they generously pay newspapers and television channels and so forth. We do not consider such actions acceptable, moreover when democratic principles and freedom of movement are restricted, and various human rights are infringed upon, and so forth. How do all these restriction correspond to the spirit of constitution and laws? All of this is being carried out under the pretext of a pandemic, which they play over and over again with the help of the creation of new virus strains. Already now they are saying that in October a worse virus will appear, so that under this pretext they might vaccinate the remaining [unvaccinated] people. However, all these events compel us to think more seriously about everything that is taking place around us. And I see that behind the back of all these events stands the devil, acting as their participant and secret mastermind. How else, if not with the help of the devil, did all these centers of dark power achieve synchronous success, so cunningly and methodically, on a total global scale? However, our blessed hope and trust is founded upon the mercy of God and the existence of good-will and good-endeavors of many Christians and thoughtful people. For we see that there are people who resist these bad things and themselves feel that something impure and wicked is taking place. But the Lord will certainly reveal many needed things for the right understanding and assessment of the events taking place. For this reason, seeing all these things, we have heartfelt pain and spiritual concern. We prayerfully ask the Most Pure Theotokos to protect and defend Her people, the people of God, by the grace of God.”"

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