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Full Recording and Excerpts from the Conference “On the Eighth Œcumenical Council: The Catholic Condemnation of the Filioque"

The Orthodox Ethos / Uncut Mountain Press team is arriving home from three beautiful days of discussion and prayer in Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama, with great thanks to God for a joyous and successful conference. The entire conference is still viewable in its entirety on Crowdcast here.

Below, please find the full introduction to the conference by His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus along with excerpts from the chanting during the 6-hour, Athonite-style Vigil.

Introduction by Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus

An Excerpt from the Small Entrance During the Athonite-Style Vigil

The Troparion to the Fathers of the Eighth Œcumenical Council

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Grateful this exists!

Will these be available to OE subscribers on this site, eventually, or only via CrowdCast?


So perfectly timely to learn and understand today especially in regards to our hierarchs. Hold them to the teachings of the church and remember to hold them up in our prayers so they have wisdom and strength to defend the orthodox faith against all obstacles.

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