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From a Catholic

This was sent to me by a friend. Besides the obvious mistaken perception about the church, which one expects from Latin quarters, the commentary below is of interest to us because of the similar methodology he sees at work in the pan-Orthodox synod with that at work during Vatican II. The asterisks are mine, the commentary yours... "A private message I received from a well-meaning and concerned catholic:

< To my friends in the Orthodox Christian Church, ake extreme care for this Great and Holy Synod, also called pan-Orthodox synod, otherwise it will be to Orthodoxy what Vatican Council II was to the Catholic Church of the 1960's. That is because of the ambiguity of language of the documents of the Council it was the catalyst for the Apostasy we now face in the Western Church, the Catholic Church. Most especially it is responsible for the false witness of our hierarchy up to and including this current Pope. Be vigilant, strong, and Faithful to Christ and His Church don't let what happened to the Catholic Church as a result of VCII, despite the best efforts of some clergy and laity, happen to the Eastern Church. The few who remain Faithful within the Catholic Church have derisively been label traditional Catholics ...their pre-Vatican Council II faith and practice is now openly mocked by the main body of the Novus Ordo, or New Order of the Councilor Church and we have been and are increasingly marginalized in our services and fellowship with other Catholics. I pray that you remain always Faithful to the Orthodox, traditions, doctrines and Dogmas. – R. of D., traditional Catholic....>

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