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Endorsement from His Grace Bishop LUKE of Jordanville for "On the Reception of the Heterodox"


The appearance of the book, "On the Reception of the Heterodox", is long overdue. For this thorough and exhaustive work we are very grateful. The confusion over this question continues to increase as more people are inspired to join the Church of Christ, the Orthodox Church. Although it should be exercised as an exception, the use of Economy is frequently the rule, which makes it an abuse. An attentive reading of this well-researched study should convince any Orthodox Christian that if sufficient water and proper facilities are available a proper Orthodox Christian Baptism should be the means of uniting the Heterodox to the Body of Christ. Of all the many Baptisms celebrated here, no one has ever returned saying they should have been received otherwise. Sadly, we frequently hear the opposite, "Why was I not baptized?"

God bless those who have struggled to produce this much needed work. May it support and strengthen all who desire to live piously following in the footsteps of the Apostles and Fathers of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

+ Bishop Luke

Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery

Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary




Find this book and other edifying titles HERE.

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