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Does heresy no longer exist?

In our day and age, in which spiritual delusion, heresy, occultism, New Age spirituality, black magic, and so many other spiritual diseases are circulating, is it possible for the Orthodox Church to follow the second Vatican Council and other heterodox Christians in basically ignoring the presence of heresy?

There is the idea within ecumenical circles that we can no longer speak of heresy, that there are no more heretics. Rather, there has never been an age in which heresy a nd spiritual delusion has seen such a flourishing as our day and age.

Have this in mind as you watch the following from the Ecumenical Patriarchate's press office.

From our friend Gregor Isiopili:

<<Please watch from 1:35-2:01!!! - it basically says that we should not identify heresy in today's world - for the early Church has already done this. The fight against heresy is over. Then it states that the modern "iconoclasts and idolaters" are Orthodox Christians who ignore the gospel message of compassion. So, is this really saying there are now no heresies except the opposition to ecumenism?! This video is put out by the Ecumenical Patriarchate....>>

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