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Classical Learning Resource Center Learn Greek and Latin Online!


I would like to recommend to those of you who have young children who are homeschooling to visit the online education center we use with our children (and are very pleased):

Classic Learning Research Center:

There are three different entry points for CLRC's Latin program:

1. Latin4Kids: for students as young as 6 years old

2. Intermediate Latin: for students in the 10-13 age range

3. High School Latin: for anyone from 13 and older

CRLC also has two programs for learning Ancient Greek:

1. Intermediate Greek

2. High School Greek

I highly recommend that you visit their website today and consider enrolling. We have not regretted it! Our two oldest just finished their 3rd and 4th years in Greek and Latin and have done very well. They love their teachers and have benefited tremendously in their study of English, as well, due to these studies.

Early Registration Discounts end on May 31st, so check it out today!

Here is the direct link to their Latin home page:

Here you'll find a video which gives an overview of the High School Latin 1 program including two fairly extensive portions of a class recording to give prospective parents a good idea of what an online Latin class with the CLRC is like.

Here’s also is the link to the Greek home page:

~ Fr. Peter Heers

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