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Chalcedon and the Boundaries of the Church An Examination of the Ecclesiology of the Promoters

with the Monophysites/Non-Chalcedonians

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Melbourne, Australia

Friday, March 29 (16), 2019


“Chalcedon and it’s decisions are as much about the Person of Christ as the Body of Christ. In its Oros (lit. Boundary-decision) the Council set down the boundaries inside of which one is IN Christ, outside of which one stands apart from Christ, from communion in Him. No amount of speculation or questioning or debating as to the terminology used by the holy fathers can change this reality: Christ is incarnate in time and space and one must meet Him there or not at all.

Every departure from Christ, whether on account of heresy or in schism, can only be repaired by way of Christ, which is repentance. The way back to the Way is Christ Himself. The methodology and not only the content must be Christ. For he is the Way as well as the Truth, and both are necessary if one is to have Life.”


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