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Cacodoxy Within: 10 Heretical & Innovative Ideas Promoted Today

10 Heretical & Innovative Ideas Promoted Today, from least to most egregious:

10. Relevance to pop culture trumps faithfulness to Holy Tradition, and thus clergy should shed the traditional cassock for the Latin collar.

9. The Holy Lavida (spoon) used for Holy Communion, among other holy things in the Holy Temple, can transmit viruses and disease.

8. Women in the priesthood or the introduction of deaconesses today should not be ruled out or considered an innovation or inconsistent with Holy Tradition

7. Those Heterodox married to Orthodox should commune of the Holy Mysteries in the Church — there is no need for conversion, baptism and chrismation.

6. The Archbishop of Constantinople is not first among equals but first without equals.

5. The “Great Schism” is wrongly so-called, for neither schism, nor heresy, was introduced but only a break in communion, thus the Orthodox Church and Catholicism are Sister Churches of the One Church.

4. The Pope of Rome is a bishop of the Church and co-responsible for the governance of the Church of Christ.

3. The Heterodox, even those adherents of heretical teaching condemned by Oecumenical Councils, are not to be considered heretics; rather a heretic is one who is argumentative and a troublemaker.

2. One can be a faithful Orthodox Christian and a member of the Masonic or Illuminati Orders

1. The religions are equal and God-given paths up the mountain of salvation and to elevate the Body of Christ above the religions is a fruit of blind prejudice.

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