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Announcing the Relaunch of Uncut Mountain Press! A New Title: Let No One Fear Death

After a few years of near dormancy, the team at Orthodox Ethos and Uncut Mountain Press has been able to pull together and get Uncut Mountain Press running again and we are preparing to launch fully. This summer we will have a new website with old and new titles for sale, along with preorder options for new and old titles. E-books shall be available too. We start this launch with a new book: Let No One Fear Death. You can currently buy a print

copy on here. The e-book should be available in less than a week. Wholesale orders will be available soon. For now, Orthodox Ethos will offer you the publisher's note of the book, written by Fr. Peter Heers expressing the honor we feel at Uncut Mountain Press for publishing this book.


One of the roles of an Orthodox Christian publisher is to provide a platform to faithful and enlightened members of the Church to communicate to their fellows the hope that is within them (1 Peter 3:5). The urgency to meet this need was intensified by the sudden en masse, indiscriminate appropriation and promotion of a message of fear, the fear of death, during the recent “pandemic” of 2020-2022. This state of things thus further amplified the call to fulfill our role, and do our duty to the faithful. <