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Orthodox Ecclesiology

About the Lecture

This course will provide an introduction to the Dogma of the Church (Ecclesiology), through a survey of the historical and theological “landmarks” of Church history and Tradition which helped formulate the spiritual experience of the Mystery of the Body of Christ, including Holy Scripture, patristic treatises and conciliar declarations, and compare and contrast this vision with that presented in the contemporary heterodox ecumenical movement.

Lesson 1: Introduction, What is the Church?

Lesson 2: The Unity of the Church and The Mystery of Baptism

Lesson 3: The Church in St. Augustine, Nestorius and Chalcedon

Lesson 4: The Church in Ss. Maximos and John of Damascus, and the 6th and 7th Oecumenical Councils

Lesson 5: The Church in the 8th Oecumenical Council & Great Schism

Lesson 6: The Church in Ss. Nicholas Kabasilas and Gregory Palamas and St. Mark of Ephesus

Lesson 7: The Church in The Kollyvades Fathers, St. Hilarion (Troitsky) and Fr. George Florovsky

Lesson 8: The Church in St. Justin Popovich, Vladimir Lossky and Fr. Alexander Schmemann

Lesson 9: The Church as Presented in Vatican II and Modern Ecumenism

Lesson 10: The Church Before the Face of the Religion of the Future