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What the Saints Have to Say about the V*ccίnε and Μ@sκs

By: Fr. Damaskinos of Grigoriou (Mt. Athos)

Father Damaskinos of the Grigoriou Monastery, Mount Athos said the following in Cahul, Moldova on the 11th of July 2021 alongside Bishop Benjamin Goreanu: “The Holy Fathers told us not to take the ναccίnε. The ναccίnε brings death after a short time.

Saint Nektarios, who is related to a woman, in Athens, Mrs. Julia, who is 85 years old, she is in a sickbed and Saint Nektarios comes to her almost every night… and talks to her; she is his disciple. I befriended this [the saintly] Julia, I have great love for her, I talk to her on the phone, and I asked her two weeks ago: what does Saint Nektarios say about the ναccίnε? Will the faithful get the ναccίnε or not? And the Saint said: “They don't have to! It's 100 percent dangerous. Dangerous to life.”

And there are other saints, like Elder Ephraim of Arizona, who after his death appeared to a priest and told him not to have people take the ναccίnε, because after seven to eight months many people will die, because the ναccίnε is poisonous to our body. And to (the relics of) St. Ephraim of Nea Makri, which is a little further from Athens, went a father and his child, a 10-year-old girl who was sick, and St. Ephraim appeared to her and told her: "I am the patron of this monastery, I will heal you, but tell your parents not to go to my monastery wearing a mask. I am the patron saint of the monastery. The mask doesn't help in the church, here is the grace of God."

Description and Translation provided by @orthodoxyforyou on Instagram, who adds: "Note: The admin of this account can personally testify that Father Damaskinos told me in 2018, in South Africa, about the saintly Julia, and how Saint Nektarios appears to her almost every night."


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