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To the Atheists and Masons: Greece is the Land of Martyrs and Confessors! (in Greek)

Metropolitan of Ierissou and Agion Oros, His Eminence THEOKLETOS

In this homily he "goes after" Atheists, Masons and all those in power today who are mindless and have forgotten where they live - in the land of martyrs and confessors of the one God, Jesus Christ.

He also says that in our day and age there are clergy and bishops who close their mouths in order to be well-liked, to be "in". He says to them: we don't want to be "in", we want to be traditional because traditional doesn't change from day to day, but is the same "yesterday today and forever."

May God grant him many years of confessing Christ and to stand, resisting the spirit of the age, wherever and whoever is promoting it in place of the faith once delivered.

Επίθεση προς άθεους πολιτικάντηδες Μητροπολίτης Ιερισσού κ. Θεόκλητος Τρίκαλα Δευτέρα 16-5-2016

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