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Those "Married" by the State and not by the Church Have Departed from the Church

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

- ​Metropolitan Paul of Siatista (Greece)

Metropolitan Paul of Siatista says that anyone who has only been legally married at the county office but not married in the church cannot commune of the holy mysteries and cannot become a sponsor in baptisms or marriage. Of course, the metropolitan is only repeating the standard position of the church, but it bears repeating for few are employing it and many are neglecting it. He says, further: "Those who choose the so-called state marriage or cohabitation agreement have essentially denied in practice the grace of the Holy Spirit. This means, however, that they have departed from the Church."

Μητρ. Σιατίστης: Όποιος κάνει πολιτικό γάμο δεν μπορεί να κοινωνεί ούτε να γίνει ανάδοχος -...

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