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AN ORTHODOX SURVIVAL COURSE: What Participants Are Saying


‪The Mystery of Iniquity and the Apostasy‬

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Thank you Father. Your first lecture was so insightful and humbling. Thank you so much. . . This is really excellent material and I am grateful that you are addressing these issues. They are generally not being addressed elsewhere and my experience is that if you do ask these questions you get labelled weird or an extremist or legalistic. Thank you for taking our questions and concerns seriously!


Your podcast and YouTube videos are providing a light and an inspiration in these dark times. Can't wait for the course.

J. S.

I love all lectures by Fr. Peter!

M. W.



A true pillar of Orthodoxy during these unprecedented times

R. C.

Full of love of Christ! Thanks

P. A.

Much appreciated. I look forward to each session.


Beloved Father, it is nice how you have a formal lesson prepared, followed by such an in depth Q & A. The Q & A is so vital since it represents the plethora of questions among the Orthodox faithful - many of which are necessary to have answered and which you can evidently see are the gray areas in a time where so much ecumenism and mixed ecclessiology have clouded what we know or have hindered knowing in the first place. The lessons followed by the Q & A also offer great spiritual guidance in a time where many of us are thirsting for Patristic spiritual Fathers and true edification. God bless your current endeavor.

T. F.

Thank you Fr Peter! As a two year convert and attending a OCA Mission Parish you are answering so many questions that I'm having during these troubling times!!!

I. B.

I appreciated Father Peter's answer to the question concerning economia in baptism. The Greek Archdiocese in America refused to baptize me, even though I strongly wanted it, having only been tapped with dampened fingers by Lutherans several years earlier. So I gave up and accepted chrismation only. Still I never felt right about it because everything I read in the Holy Fathers said I was missing something essential. Worse yet, I learned that at one time the Orthodox in Greece would not give communion to any Orthodox who had not been immersed. But no priest was willing to correct the situation (yes, I was a pest who kept on asking). Finally after 14 years and 4 churches, I happened to be at a monastery which, hearing about my situation, insisted on correcting it. I was so happy! The abbess said that I was glowing as I came up the third time. (I'm sure she saw that with spiritual eyes, but I remember a feeling of lightness lingering for about a week.) The years since then have blessed me with finding a spiritual father and getting on track with the Orthodox mind and life. To those who have been abused by the innovators' false economia, I say: keep knocking and it shall be opened. Glory to our loving savior Jesus Christ. Glory forever!

W. B.

Very refreshing to hear what the fathers taught and has been kept through tradition for over 2000 years. I mourn and pray for those who suffer from innovation. I’m very glad to be with my small ROCOR mission. A classic quote has new meaning for me: I took the path less traveled and it has made all the difference to me!

H. K.

I love everyone's comments here. I feel like we are a family, thank you Father Peter and brothers and sisters.

K. J.

A balm in painful, raw, and confusing times.

C. Z.

Extremely grateful, Fr. Peter, for this priceless opportunity, and I am learning so much! I also truly appreciated learning about the new Saints of our Church, and realized I have 3 books written by St. Ignatius Brianchavinov: The Field, The Arena, and The Refuge. They were highly recommended by the bookstore at the monastery I go to in Roscoe NY, and I have almost completed the first volume. (I love books, and have acquired many books after converting and just wish I had more time to read them all. I can't pass up a good Orthodox book when I see one, and also sell books at my Church's bookstore.) This course, however, is an interactive way of learning and there's nothing better than something "live" as you feel so much a part of it! Although I go back and watch the videos again, there's a lot to be said about being an active participant while the class is being given. The Q&A's are amazing and I particularly loved the 2nd session's this week, Father, as you answered many of my own burning questions, and again, I am so grateful for your generous gift of your time and thoughtful comprehensive responses! God bless you and thank you for this beautiful ministry!

B. C.

Thank you, Father and fellow OSC seekers. I have benefited from Father Peter's many YT lectures over the past few years, so my expectations for this course were very high. This course continues to far exceed my high expectations. I have been studying on my own for the past two years, and began attending Sunday Liturgy at St I. in E. (CA), but haven't since its (modified) reopening in early summer. I feel blessed and grateful for this growing online community headed by Father Peter.

H. G.

This course is both fitting and right - especially now.

A. T.

Along with the others here, thank you Father for these lectures and Q&A sessions. Very beneficial, especially now.


Thank you father! It is such a great blessing to have you in our spritual life.


Thank you Father for guiding us during these tough times where there is much confusion and division. Please keep us in your 'proskomidi' and in your prayers du