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A sinful and unworthy priest’s deep, heart-centered appeal to our Most Beloved Panaghia

A message from Papa Demetri (Carellas)

The following message was published via Fr. Demetri Carellas' email chain this past August, around the Feast of the Theotokos' Dormition. While it was written a number of months ago, readers will find it just as timely today. Indeed, the world and its corrupt powers seem insistent on booster shots and hyping up a new variant of COVID. So at his request, Orthodox Ethos is now sharing this appeal from Fr. Demetri. We encourage you to sign up to his emailing list to receive spiritual nourishment every day. Orthodox Agape

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I greet you, and each member of your family, in the never-ending JOY of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

We are truly in perilous times! Never would I have believed that my country would have changed - so dramatically, and be so devoid of Christ - in such a short time. However, what we are seeing are the fruits of what has been going on for at least three generations. In the past 60 years, we have been moving - day-by-day - further away from the Gospel of Jesus: We have legally murdered 62 million pre-born babies since the demonic SCOTUS decision 01/22/1973; tax payer dollars are being used by the University of Pittsburgh (and others) to do experiments on organ tissues derived, while they are still alive, from aborted babies as old as 27 weeks; the LGBTQIA movement now has a month (the so-called “marriage” month of June) dedicated to them, and you can be fired from your job by simply stating that you do not agree with their philosophy; same-sex marriages, transgenderism, surrogate mothering, allowing same sex couples to adopt children, are all working to destroy the second most important thing in the foundation of any healthy, Christian society (the 1st being the presence of Jesus Christ and His Gospel) — the traditional GOD-established family unit; and even individual personhood is being fragmented into multiple pieces. No longer do we simply have the God-established two genders, male and female. Now there is “gender fluidity,” which has created hundreds of new genders (You are free to create your own!); and you can use whichever pronoun (There are a couple of new ones being “tested.") that you feel best describes your identity! One professor at an Ivy League school recently told his students to call him, “there” (or was it “their!).